You're my star
Song title
"You're My Star"
Original Upload Date
LuaHs-P (music, lyrics)
Haneoka (illust)
900+ (YT), 90+ (SC)
YouTube Broadcast / SoundCloud Broadcast


Run down my face
Because I’m alone without you here
The pouring tears turn into rain
It gives life to the new future
That is about to be told

We loved each other so long ago
You were my shining star
You shone so brightly in the sky
I could find you if I was lost
Even when I was sailing on the sea
Now I’m forever lost

Now you have turned into a black hole
It sucked all of my happiness away with your soul
And it only left me in tears
I recall those memories
We had together
They mean a lot to me

You’re my star
And you’re my only star

I’m out of tears
Because I’m lost without my star
All I can see
Is a dark future without you
I must walk on that road by myself
To get to new happiness

But since you’re gone
You can’t lead me to my new happiness
I guess I should just sit here and cry alone
What should I do now?
Oh someone please tell me now!

Because I’ve lost my star
I’m nowhere near that stage
Where I’ll turn into a black hole
I still have a while yet
Until then I guess I just have to find my own new star
But it doesn’t feel right
I can’t do it yet
Because I’ve relied on you too much

You’re my star
And you’re my only star

As I look up to find
That I see a new star that shines brightly in the sky
But it leads me to the other way
The way you were leading me to might have been wrong
But I need to say goodbye
Sweet dreams my darling dear
I’ll see you again one day
But until then I’ll miss you dear and I’ll have our
Memories locked up inside

Now I must go, I’m leaving this place
And I’m going to fly in the sky
I’m going back home, but one more thing

You’re my star
You’re my only star
Yeah, you’re my only star

My only star

You’re my only star