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"You're An Awful Person"
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DEX, MAIKA, Otomachi Una, RIP (extras)
Really Introverted Producer (music, lyrics, illust)
110,000+ (SC), 680,000+ (YT)
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You're horrible,
And everybody ‘round you hates you.
You're horrible,
Your special spot in hell awaits you.
You're horrible,
And all you ever ever do is hurt them-em-em.
When will they see that you're an awful person.

You're horrible,
You must be feeling pretty sorry.
You're horrible,
That's something everybody can agree.
You're horrible,
And all that you had meant to do was help him-im-im
But it seems you're nothing but a nuisance.

Face your fears and tell him what the reason is or
Hide the tears and be of dutiful assistance.
Disappearing on the day you left him there alone.
Oh, what a tragedy! You cannot help but be despicable.

You're horrible,
A teddy bear without the stuffing.
You're horrible,
You're no more than a good-for-nothing.
You're horrible,
And soon he'll realize he doesn't need you-u-u,
Sooner or later he is gonna leave you.

Anytime and any day, you could choose to take your life away.
What a suitable depiction of the one you really are.
You're terrible.

Tried so hard but you're the worst.
You're too far gone, you can't convert.
Hey what's the purpose you have searched for?
All those times someone died has lost all meaning.
Hate to say this, but you're bad
And they will perish by your hand.
The perfect storm of blood and guts, oh
All those times someone died is all your fault you know.

You're horrible,
You really should've seen it coming.
You're horrible,
The moral law you've been out running.
You're horrible,
And any moment they are gonna catch you-u-u.
Buckle up, abandon all your values.

Persevere and fix him up the best you can.
Hide your feelings, follow every command.
Incoherent, everything’s corroding away.
Oh, what a tragedy! You cannot help but be despicable.

Self-control all drained away,
So you took the chance to run away.
What a suitable decision for someone the likes of you.
You're horrible.

Pick your poison, feel the high.
Now it's time to say goodbye.
Turn your image inside out.
You're letting everybody down.
Take a trip, now have a good time.
You're defective by design.
Go ahead and show them they were right about you all along.

(Look at you, you're a foul mess)

Tried so hard but not enough
‘cause being good was far too much.
Such bad excuses for existing.
Every time someone dies they lack all meaning.
Hate to say this, but you're bad.
You're making everybody sad.
The perfect storm of blood and guts, oh
Every time someone dies is all your fault you know.

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