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Song title
"When I Fell"
Original Upload Date
Kagamine Len and Fukase
AVANNA (backing)
Cherry-SODA (music, lyrics)
Zanka (mixing)
100+ (YT), 7+ (SC)
YouTube Broadcast / SoundCloud Broadcast


ah such a nice day
nothing to say
as the world still turns
after the fall

of my heart oh
i'll always be here
i wish that i could not fear
not anymore
it's nothing

flowers in my eyes
as the sun rises
back to the sky
but i'm alone

with you oh
so let's play pretend again
i know that the world will end
after the fall
we're nothing

I can give you light my dear
I can make it so you can’t fear oh
All the pain of things you know
I will make it clear so you can grow

You know that it’s wrong oh no
You know what it’s like to be here
I can help you out so let’s bow
Make your exit from this house from hell
i know that it's bad
i know it's sad but
i could try to make it good
once again oh

i'm hurting till then
better and better I’ll get
maybe i'm wrong
but whats left

purple black and blue
hurting for you but
what could i try
to get you through

to the end oh
I’ll probably end here
forever for you my dear
suffer it through
to be with you

oh its getting worse
what do i do to
save myself
god i need help

i'm alone oh
now i'm on the floor
please love i can't take

no more
suffering through
here for you

I know that it’s hard
I know that it’s frightening
For you too
But it’s for you

They’re hurting you so
Just call it an end
And someday the world will send
Send you a clue
They hate you

I- I’m on the floor
Ink stains and pours
down my blackened face
Leave me to rot

And cry I’m not
Ok, not anymore
I’m sorry for you adore
So leave me be

I’m nothing
Black, white turned to red
I’m almost dead
from all of the guilt

Stunting me still
lost life and
Willingness to try again

This will be my last goodbye
I’ll see you again
When I Fell

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