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Kagamine Len V4X
DreamingP (music, lyrics)
200+ (NN), 200+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast (privated) / YouTube Broadcast (privated)


Everything started out just fine
Nothing to be afraid of, nothing to run from

Now there's nothing I can hide
There's nothing I can do
I've become useless
Everything's crashing down at once
I cannnot hold it up
Show me what everyone wants to see

Show me your one true wish
Just tell me everything you've ever wanted to know
I'll tell you everything
That's my only wish

I'm sorry for everything
I cannot stay with you, my dear
There's some things I didn't say
But I love you still the same

I'm sorry I was just a frog

I'm sorry I was just a frog

I'm sorry I was just a frog

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