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This article is a guideline for adding translations to the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki.

Wiki Translation Policy[]

English Translations for Japanese Songs[]

The Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki's policy on the English translations that we host is that all translations must meet a baseline standard of accuracy. Though ideally we would be able to guarantee the accuracy of all songs archived here, we are currently only able to do so for Japanese-English translations.

If you would like to add a translation of a Japanese language song to a page, please make sure that the translator is known to us as either a Recommended or Neutral translator on this list or as an Accepted translator on this blog.

Any translations added to song pages that were not created by an established reliable translator will be removed immediately.

If the translation you would like to add is not by any translator known to us, please post a link to that translation in the comment section of this blog. One of our translation checkers will assess the translation and determine whether it's accurate enough to host. If two or more translations of the same translator are determined to be accurate enough for the wiki to host, whether those translations are judged separately or concurrently, that translator's name will be added to the Accepted list, and any further translations they produce may be added directly to the corresponding song page.

Translations on this wiki are prioritized by accuracy and literary merit. We will only replace an existing translation with one that is demonstrably superior in accuracy, literary merit, or both. We may host alternate reliable translations if there is sufficient merit in doing so.

We will correct errors in translations that come to our attention. If the translator prohibits amendments, please note any corrections in footnotes.

Please also see guidelines regarding officially produced/approved translations.

English Translations for Non-Japanese Songs[]

As we do not have any active editors committed to assessing the accuracy of translations submitted for songs in languages other than Japanese, we can't effectively apply the same rules to translations of non-Japanese songs.

Translations added to song pages for non-Japanese songs will not be removed, but when adding such a translation, please add the {{UnverifiedTranslation}} template in the source code directly below the header titled Lyrics. The only instance in which you don't need to add this template is if you're willing to vouch for the quality of the translation you've submitted or can inform us that you're a native speaker of the language the song is written in.


Except for official translations, all translations added to the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki must credit the original translator.

Any uncredited translations added to the wiki will be immediately removed without exception. We may still assess that translation, but it will not be displayed as long as it is not properly credited.

Any translation with an undetermined source will be credited as "Anonymous." To add a credit to a translation, first make sure that the translator is known to us as reliable here and that if they have terms those terms allow the wiki to host their translations. Then in the source editor, under the lyrics table but before any other headings, add the {{Translator|Translator'sNameHere}} template; just replace Translator'sNameHere with the translator's name. For instance, to credit a translation by Releska, the template should look like this: {{Translator|Releska}}

Other steps need to be completed if a translator has terms; please consult the Translator Licenses section of the Song Article Guideline for more information.

Removing Categories[]

If we accept the translation you want to add to the wiki, there is one more thing that needs to be done to the song page once the translation and translator's credit have been added; the two categories:

Pages in need of English translation
Intervention Required

should both be removed from the song page.

Unaccepted Translations[]

Machine Translations[]

Because Japanese and English are incredibly different languages, machine translations cannot translate Japanese to or from English correctly. They can gravely mistranslate the simplest sentences because they often misinterpret grammatical rules. This creates major mistranslations, and this is why the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki does not accept machine-translated translations.


Translyrics are singable lyrics and are most often used by those who want to dub a song. However, these "translations" are almost never accurate because they are made to fit a song's rhythm. To fit the song's rhythm, parts of the lyrics may have been left out or added. Some translyrics will even change the meaning of the whole song. This is why translyrics are not accepted as "translations" on the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki.

Partial Translations[]

Partial translations are not allowed on the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki song pages because having portions missing makes their validity difficult to assess, there can be inconsistencies between different contributors, and half-finished pages would frustrate readers and appear unpresentable. If you have an incomplete translation you would like to share, please create a blog post for it instead of adding it to the song page. Your user blog is located under the third tab on your user profile.