This article is a guideline for adding translations to the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki.


Japanese is a very hard language to learn, especially for westerners, since the words, word order, grammatical rules and the sentence structure are very different from Indo-European languages. The slightest misreading of Japanese can easily lead to a grave misinterpretation. This is why on the Vocaloid Wiki, Damesukekun (a native Japanese who also speaks English) made a guide on song translation and mistranslation, in which you can read more about the problem of translating Japanese to/from English. The list provided tells you more about which translators (mainly on YouTube) make correct translations and are thus accepted on the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki. Please do check the text besides the translator's name to see if the time that the translation you wanted to add was uploaded corresponds with the time that the translations of said translator became acceptable. The list hasn't been updated since october 26, 2019 and as such parts of it may have become obsolete. A new list has is being kept here.

This list shows which translators tend to make too many mistakes in their translations and are therefore not accepted on the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki. Please note that the list is not a "blacklist" to discourage translators.

Machine TranslationsEdit

Because Japanese and English stem from different origins, machine translations cannot translate Japanese to/from English correctly. They can gravely mistranslate the easiest sentences because they often misinterpret grammatical rules. This causes major mistranslations which is why the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki does not accept machine-translated translations.


Translyrics are singable lyrics and are mostly used for those who want to dub a song. However, these "translations" are almost never accurate because they are made to fit a song's rhythm. To fit the song's rhythm, parts may have been left out or added. Some translyrics even change the meaning of the whole song. This is why translyrics are not accepted as "translations" on the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki.


When adding translations, it is important that you credit the translator. This makes it easier to keep track of which translation is made by whom. It is also respectful towards the translator, since they've probably put a lot of time into translating the song. If the translator has a license, the {{TranslatorLicense}} template needs to be added. More information on this template and how to use it can be found here.

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