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与 in Chinese song titlesEdit


"与" means "and" in Chinese, so it shouldn't be capitalized in song names, which is why I renamed 少年与苹果酒 (Shàonián Yǔ Píngguǒjiǔ) back to 少年与苹果酒 (Shàonián yǔ Píngguǒjiǔ). More often than not when a new Chinese song page is made and some of the words in the title are not capitalized it is done deliberately, so it's probably better to leave it like that unless you're absolutely sure that it shouldn't be that way. Just thought you should know. Amandelen (talk) 09:10, June 16, 2019 (UTC)



Please don't forgot to put messages you read and remove in your archive. Thank you! Amandelen (talk) 18:31, July 11, 2019 (UTC)

Views Edit

Thank you for your editing on page 雪が弾けたその場所で, but the views would just be 7,000+ rather than like 7,500+, and not need to be update 'til it reaches 8,000+ for future reference :)

No, 7,500 is fine. You can update it when it reaches 7,600 or greater.

Also, please don't delete messages from your talk page. If there's too much clutter etc. you can move them to the archive page. ElectricRaichu (talk) 02:16, August 2, 2019 (UTC)

Korean RomanizationsEdit


Google Translate does not give good transliterations of Korean. For example, "도둑 고양이, 노래를 훔치며" should not be romanized as "Dodug Goyang-i, Nolaeleul Humchimyeo", but as "Doduk Goyangi, Noraereul Humchimyeo". A detailed guide on it can be found here. If you do not feel like figuring out how to romanize Korean (which is understandable since it can take up a lot of time) then please do not rename Korean pages anymore. Amandelen (talk) 20:32, August 30, 2019 (UTC)

Rotted country Edit

"Rotted Country" is an english song to begin with, so it doesn't need the "Pages in need of english translation" category

Hasuko Edit

The "c" in i don't care wasn't capitalized in the video upload, so I changed it back, hope you don't mind :P~Raine

Images Edit

Hello! If you don't mind, could you please add the images for See Me Now and IMA too? It's difficult for me to take it from my phone so 😖 Thanks! SolarTwT (talk) 16:35, November 7, 2019 (UTC)

Oh that's okay then! Thanks!

Melinote Edit I(f you wanna update the song titles, since some of them are bolded with the HTML instead ofthe usual way)

Hakumei no Sora Edit

Hi! I noticed that you just made some minor edits to a page a just created. I am looking to improve my wiki skills, so would you mind telling me what changes you made? Thank you :) V goes vvryy (talk) 14:41, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

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