Found a pre-existing translation on youtube through Kisekikui, and while not completely off the mark, there were some misread sections that could use polishing. Since Blame of Angel is in need of a English translation, I decided to try my own hand at it and make this a blog post containing a rough draft of the English translation. Blame of Angel wikia page can be found here.

神(あなた)に仕えるために生まれ 作られたこの体

Born in order to only serve you, my body is manufactured 


Everything about us, souless angels called 'toys', exists to satisfy you

繋がれた鎖解(ほど)いて 自由に羽ばたければ…

If the chains restraining us were undone, and if we could spread our wings and go out into the world,


Could that make these shut-down emotions awaken?


I want to break the law that states we only live to satisfy you

飽きられた心羽を千切られて 地上に堕とされ飛び立てないまま…

My worn-out-heart's wings are torn off, and as I am unable to take flight, I plummet to the ground


I shoulder the burden of created sin, and no matter how much I atone


We are still branded as white, fallen angels, a label we cannot remove


Could the light still not seen on land/this earth weave together the chains of our hearts?

夢の中で見つけたキミ… 鎖を委ねれば

You, who I found in a dream...if I abandon myself to these chains

「愛」という言葉の意味を 教えてくれるでしょうか?

Would you teach me about the meaning of the word 'love'?