Segments Blue by Sele-P

Video Description: 初恋、結婚、そして・・・。

First comes love, then comes marriage...

Original Japanese Lyrics here.

朝起きて 歯を磨いて 制服に着替えて

I wake up, brush my teeth, and change into my school uniform

駅のホームで 一人で あの人を待つの

Alone at the train station I wait for him

偶然を装って 彼に「おはよう」って言って

Acting as if it were a coincidence, I said ‘Good Morning’ to him

一緒に登校するの 手を繋ぎながら

And we both went to school together as we held hands

お昼休みに 一緒にお弁当食べて

During our lunch break we ate together

一緒に勉強して 二人で帰って

Studied together, and went back home together

分かれ道で こっそりと 初めてのキスして

Where we parted ways, I secretly kissed him, my first kiss

好きな気持ちが 愛へと変わる

And my crush turned into love

巡り合う時 心が動いていく

When I’m around you, I have a desire

君の視線が私を ずっと見続けてる

For you to only have eyes for me

美しくなる乙女心 磨かれてくの

I will refine this heart that understands the mind of a woman

'Girl’s mind which became beautiful'

Literally translates as a 'maiden's mind/thoughts of a young girl' but can also mean 'one that understands the heart of a woman' and stuff. Since the 磨く is in passive form, is she just passively waiting for her 'young thoughts' to mature? Not quite sure how to parse this one in English.

大人になっていつか 輝き続けてたい

Someday, once I become an adult, I want it to keep sparkling

I presume that the omitted subject is the 乙女心 in the proceeding line.

初めてのキスは甘く 苦く 強い思い

My first kiss was bitter-sweet, a powerful memory

お互いを今確かめ合う 切ない思い

Ascertaining one another’s existence, a painful memory


I, who wishes to be by your side

あふれ出す 満たされた感情が

From my heart a feeling of gratification begins pouring out

喧嘩して 「大嫌い…!!」って 頬を叩いて

We fought, and I said “I hate you!” and slapped you on the cheek

泣きながら 一人で歩いて帰っていた

Crying, I walked home alone

暗い部屋の中で 膝を抱えて泣いてる

Inside my dark room, I hugged my knees to my chest, bent over and cried

私のせいだなんて わかっていたけれど

I knew that it was my fault, but

「ごめんね…」と言えば それで許してくれるの…?

If I say “Sorry…” will I really be forgiven?

こんな馬鹿な私でも 抱きしめてくれる…?

Would you hold me, even though I’m such an idiot?

あなたと一緒にいたい その気持ちはずっと

I want to be with you. That feeling of mine


Will never change, regardless of what may come, right?


Around one another…


My heart’s desire…


For your eyes…


To only be on me…


This beautiful…


Heart of a young girl…


I’ll become an adult


And have those innocent/girly/naïve thoughts shine

結ばれる思い あなたと永久(とわ)に過ごしてく

Bound by my thoughts, I’ll spend an eternity with you

二人の間から生まれる 愛しい命

Between the two of us, a precious life was birthed

私がママだよと 優しく語りかけてる

I gentely addressed myself as the 'Mother'  

あなたとずっと 一緒にいられる幸せを

The bliss that will always exist between me and you


Even if we grow old one day


We’re always tied together by family relationships

小さな幸せ それだけでいい

Even the small blessings I can be happy with

私の生まれた意味 初めて感じている

For the first time, I’ve realized my reason for being born

あなたが大人に育つまで 見守ってるね

Which is to watch over you until you become an adult