Been so out of the Vocaloid game and so out of the translation game. I usually don't go for big-hit songs likes these since songs like these can cause a storm if there's a bunch of pre-existing translations. I've only found one that was pretty good, but missed some stuff, so I'll give my own hand at it. Lyrics found here. 


Self-satisfaction in Tokyo's high-society is an infestation of instant life

The 'instant' here is a lot like the instant for instant noodles or instant coffee, so I'm presuming that within high society we've come out with an infestation where life becomes 'instant' much like the prior mentioned products.

草食系カニバリズム 妄想疾患のテロリズム 

The cannibalism of herbivore men is a make-believe type of terrorism


That's just how it is. I rolled up everything and threw it away.


At the end of the month, I'll be in the middle of screaming out in (a tough/hard popping/banging) pain


Constantly snapping mechanisms is the justification of profit and loss/win or lose

Struggling with パクりまくり since it's spelled in such a specific way. Google takes me to a type of game that I can load. Is a noun chunk of some sort.


Expiration dates take a large lead over the rotten scribbles of data


"That's great" I blurt out with an insincere smile

週末は彼氏と日暮里あたりで すっぽんぽん

On the weekend I'll be stark naked with my boyfriend around the Nipponri Station


As the lacy curtain was closed

私の卵子 溶け出していく 

My eggs began to dissolve (at my most fertile moment?)


Not even knowing the good from the bad/not even knowing what was good or not


I simply am left living/making the best of it 

The katakana here gives this a more erotic undertone, but is it the causative of いく?

曖昧にI my me解らない 私は一体誰なの? 

It's so vague, is it I, my or me? I don't know. Who the hell am I?

The 曖昧に is a play on the I my me since 'I my me' is vague in Japanese. Also has a connection to the next part since, in a similar vein, they also don't know who they are.

切実に愛 give me止まらない 暴走するアンビバレンス 

Give me love earnestly/strongly/insistenly and don't stop. My rampaging ambivalence

どこかに落としてしまった 私の中身知りませんか?

I've dropped it somewhere. So won't you know my 'insides'?

黄色い線の外側で 消息不明の女子高生 

Outside the yellow line is a missing high school girl


Who has the boasting syndrome'shows signs of boasting with somebody's imagined icon


Even something like that I'll compress it all down

結末は新宿西口あたりで すってんてん

The conclusion is that she'll be flat-broke near the West gate of Shinjuku


My heart which is on high alert has been forcefully stuffed full of chocolates


A barely functioning broadcast spreads a broken down signal


Isn't that great? They've already been all copy and pasted

みんな同じ顔して並んで にっぽんぽん

And all of them with the same expression line up one after the other


I'm cut up by the guardrail

ぬるい体液 溢れ出していく 

And my luke-warm body fluids start pouring out


Even though my thoughts are 'I want to die'


I'm still left alive

探しても 探しても 見つからない 私は何処にいるの? 

I search and search, but can't be found. Where am I?

愛してる 愛してない どっちでもいい 哀しいほどルサンチマン

Do you love me, or not? Either's fine. My resentment has grown (to the point of) sorrow

どこかで掛け違えた 私の人生 買いませんか?

Just where did I go wrong? Won't you buy my life?

子宮の中の歯車たちが 逃走経路 潰して回る 

The gears inside of my womb/uterus spin, crushing all ways of escape


Even with my questions going unanswered


I'm still alive

曖昧にI my me解らない 私は一体誰なの? 

It's so vague, is it I, my or me? I don't know. Who the hell am I?

切実に愛 give me止まらない 暴走するアンビバレンス 

Give me love earnestly and don't stop. My rampaging ambivalence.

変わりたい 変わりたい 変われない 私は何処にいるの?

I want to change, but I can't. Where am I? 

愛してる 愛してない どっちでもいい 震えるほどメランコリー 

Do you love me, or not? Either's fine. I'm trembling with melancholy 

どこかに落としてしまった 私の中身知りませんか?

I've dropped it somewhere. So won't you know my 'insides'?