I know that Hazuki no Yume has made a superior translation, but I'd still like to revise my old translation and pitch in my own two cents. The song page on this Wikia can be found here.

言いかけたり 言いそびれたり。依然 空回りの眺めを、 

Opening your mouth to say something and missing your chance to say it. As it's always been, the view/scene running itself into the ground


We act as if we don't notice. Doing nothing but pretending to know...

言い負けたり 言い負かしたり。俄然 絡まる評議の連鎖を、 

Being talked down to and talking down to others. Out of nowhere, an arguement starts

曳き廻してはキミの隣 不格好に這いつくばってさ…!

Being pulled about by it's chains, I clumsily crawl on all fours to your side!

何時からか のべつ幕無しに、どなり続ける小さな心臓 

Not knowing when or for how long, my small heart has kept on crying out


"Ah, I just wanna rest" Before it breaks, let's come together and shed happy tears!


This is just a small resistance expressing our discontent against binding ourselves to society's 'norms'


"Yep, that's right" Before we succumb to them, should we take our losses and high-tail it out of here?


Standing stock still, Not understanding a single thing

「ざまあみろ」だって。えげつない世界だ あー!

"Serves you right" you say? What a vulgar world! 

八方塞がりの構図 相当嫌ってるご様子 

Trapped with all escape routes cut off. They look pretty disgusted.

絶え間無いフラッシュ ほら拍手みたいだ、馬鹿みたいだね… 

Hey, the incessant flashing is kinda like an applause、ah, how dumb, eh...?


Everything in front of us is painted pure white, a fleeting delusion of love!


Should we do something 'wrong' together...?

言い換えたり 言い返したり。 

Rephrasing what you said and saying it over and over.

果然 冷たく凍った流れを確かめた足場からふたり、 

As expected, the cold and frozen chain of events from which we built our foundation,


The futures we vowed to one another are nothing but a dissapointment...


Binding something tightly, then having it un-done once agan, is a prolonged protest that can happen anywhere

「いや、それはね…。」口出す前に …ちょっとは約束守ろうか?

Before you interrupt me with a "Well, about that..." Shall we keep to our promise for just a bit?

空振りの観点 見逃しの接点 

A perspective to strike from in vain, Completely overlooking the point of contact

「飛び降りろ」だって!?デタラメな世界だ あああああああ

"Jump down from there" they say?! This world is such garbage! Jeez!

曖昧で勝手な理由と 「まってました!」のショウタイム 

For some vague and selfish reason, here is the 'Showtime!' they've been waiting for

絶え間無いフラッシュ ほら拍手みたいだ、馬鹿みたいだね… 

Hey, the incessant flashing is kinda like an applause? Ah, how dumb, eh...?


All of our memories will come to an end here.


Before we jump and burst open, could you give me a final kiss...?

永い自由 甘い悲痛 

An eternal freedom, Sweet heartbreak

求め合っては 表立っては 

Yearning for one another, Making it public

愛だ恋だ ああだこうだ 

It's love, it's romance/ Will get people talking


My dreams that were unfulfilled 

みたり ふたり 抱き すがり 

Two of us looking at one another, hold eachother tightly

変わらないまま 解らないまま 

As nothing is changed/ as nothing is answered


I'm exhasuted 

言葉を投げて ”きらい”を避けて 

Hurling insults at eachother, avoiding the word 'hate'

瞼を閉じて 笑顔を真似て 

I close my eyes, and fake a smile

言葉を代えて こころを空けて 

I substitute my words, I empty my heart


Counter-productively turning our future into a Hell

勘違い探しの光景 どうにも耐え難いようで 

The scenery searching for misunderstandings, feels like it's too much to bear


And winging it without a plan seems useless, completely useless huh...


Here our feelings of love will vanish

掻き出した”感情論”を 最後に聞かせて…!

At the end, let me hear your "Emotionally-Charged-Arguement" you slapped together!

八方塞がりの構図 とことん嫌ってるご様子 

Trapped with all escape routes cut off, They look disgusted, through and through

絶え間無いフラッシュ ほら拍手みたいだ、馬鹿みたいだね… 

Hey, the incessant flashing is kinda like an applause? Ah, how dumb, eh...?


Burning our retina's pitch-black, it's a blissful intracranial environment!

散々すれ違った 感覚捌くような 

Like dealing with the sensation of passing by one another


The upside-down scenery is so...