since fall 2017, I've been working on a VocaDB song list of Japanese songs that have official translations or translations by recommended/neutral translators: 

I was hoping it might be useful, as it's not exclusive to Vocaloid songs (it has some UTAU songs and a few CeVIO songs) and with the VocaDB tags, it's easier to find songs based on genre or theme (tag search is under More filters). it also includes some covers/remixes that may have different lyrics from the original.

of course, it is a very far cry from being complete - for comparison, this has about 1090 songs at the time of this writing. Hazuki no Yume has maybe about... 1300ish translations, and this list is definitely not exclusive to HnY's translations. another thing to note is that a few song entries may have unrecommended translations alongside recommended translations (it's possible to add multiple lyric translations to one entry) - I'm not the one who added these.

speaking of HnY, I'm unsure if we should add reuploads of her video to pages on here, but in case it may be of some use to someone, I've also worked on a couple of (also incomplete) lists for her videos that have been reuploaded and ones that haven't - you'll have to click on the individual song entries to find the reuploads, though.

one more thing - I also have a song list for songs that don't have pages on here or UTAU Lyrics Wiki, if anyone would like to help add them: some of these songs might have the full lyrics available already, but some need to be transcribed and/or romanized.



so, I thought I'd share more maybe helpful things!

  • CopyTables - for those adding lyrics from here to VocaDB, or whatever. (like me.) this makes it easier to copy lyrics from once place to another.

and I've been making more translation lists, but for specific translators. ofc there's LOTS to go through, but here's some of the lists so far I feel have sufficient enough info to list: