The Test - Answer these questions correctly and as honest as you can, even if you don't know. I don't want any "I don't know" here.

1. Does "Sekai Wa Koi Ni Ochiteiru" have a sequel? If so, what is it? And where does it come from?

2. What happened at the end of the "Koiiro Ni Sake" video? What happened at the end of the "Ai No Scenario" video?

3. Did Mona get what she wanted at the end of the "Watashi, Idol Sengen" video?

4. What is the "Chiisana Lion" video basically about?

5. Why did "Yume Fanfare" get so popular?  Hint: Name the anime it was in.

6. When will LIP×LIP release their first album?

7. Who sung "Senpai" and "BraveSail"? (Don't mention any cover artists)

8. Who sung "Rockbell" after IA officially?

9. Name all the official artists (Vocaloid cover included) that sung "Raspberry * Monster".

10. What is the main point of the "Kawaiku Naritai" video?

Lyric test: Match the lyrics with the correct song.

1. I previously asked for meaning of "手を伸ばしても届かなくて化すんで行く". Where did I get it from?

a. Kyou Mo Sakura Mau Akatsuki Ni

b. Love Letter

c. Gimme Gimme Call

d. Identity

e. Pride Kakumei

2. 選手宣誓

a. Repaint

b. Koi O Shiyou

c. Non-Fantasy

d. Yume Fanfare

e. Romeo

3. 繰り返される運命に君は築いてる?

a. Yume Fanfare

b. Sekai Wa Koi Ni Ochiteiru

c. Ai No Scenario

d. Pride Kakumei

e.  Yukidoke

4. 怖くないんですよ

a. Wolf

b. Kore Seishun Understand

c. Canele

d. Love Whistle

e. Rodeo

5. 二人きり今がチャンス

a. Love Letter

b. Love Whistle

c. Twins

d. Rodeo

e. Hikari Shoumeiron

6. 捜し人

a. Cider

b. Mr. Darling

c. Hikari Shoumeiron

d. Tokyo Winter Session

e. Kyou Mo Sakura Mau Akatsuki No

7. 寝不足ぎみよ

a. Nostalgic Rainfall

b. Twins

c. Koiiro Ni Sake

d. Inokori Sensei

e.  Okuri Uta

8. 偉いんですか? I mentioned it earlier.

a. Mr. Darling

b. Koiiro Ni Sake

c. Kawaiku Naritai

d. Inokori Sensei

e. Watashi, Idol Sengen

9. わがままばかり

a. Heisei Bubble

b. Okuri Uta

c. Mr. Darling

d. Cider

e. None of the above

10. 好きなんです

a. Tokyo Winter Session

b. Twins

c. Senpai

d. Nostalgic Rainfall

e. None of the above


Additional Questions - These questions will see how into HoneyWorks you are. Warning: These are very tricky. Think thoroughly before typing.

1. What type of song is "Heisei Bubble"? Describe it and its lyrics.

2. Which HoneyWorks video has the most views?

3. On which record label is HoneyWorks on? Don't mention the parent company. Just the label.

4. What is LIP×LIP's latest HoneyWorks single?

5. When was CHiCO born? When was Sana born?


Extra Credit - Answer these questions to your degree. If you don't want to do them, then don't.

1. Have you heard "Miraizu"?

2.Who sung "Kawaiku Naritai"? Name all 3 singers.

3. Who sung "Inokori Sensei"? Name all 4 singers.

4. Which LIP×LIP song would you take?

a. Yume Fanfare

b. Chiisana Lion

c. Non-Fantasy

d. I don't like any of them.

e. I like all of these.

5. Which session would you take?

a. Tokyo Summer Session

b. Tokyo Winter Session

6. Name a verse from "Historia".

7. Name a verse from "Daikiraina Hazudatta".

8. Which version of "Daikiraina Hazudatta" do you like best?

9. How does "Heart No Shucho" end? And how does it end in the music video?

10. Tell me your favorite HoneyWorks song. (If you have one. I like almost any HoneyWorks song I come across, so I don't have a favorite just in case you are wondering...)I

That concludes this test. Ready to respond? Send me your answers via (