Hi, this time I would like to show you one thing.

When I started making pages, I noticed that making a lyrics table always takes long time - to be precise, copying and pasting a text into rows. That's why I made a simple tool to combine 3 texts into one WikiTable.

vocalyrics-helper.droppages.com/merger (mirror link)

The page isn't fancy but it helps in making song pages faster ^^ I tested it while making 20+ pages. Just paste anything into 3 fieldboxes, click "Merge!" and you will have an inner part of WikiTable - ready to copy and paste into created song page.

For now, there are two tweaks:

  • it puts <br /> tag into rows where is no text in each respective line in lyrics, romanisation and translation.
  • if there's the same text in one line, the tool makes a row with colspan and center tag, like below:
| colspan="3"|<center>'''''LYRICS'''''</center>

I'll (eventually) make more updates with the tool, like generating a full table with headers, support for languages with latin alphabet (they need only two columns) or checking translator credit. If anyone finds issues or has suggestions, please share with me!

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