It seems like prior to today, Monobook skin (the one that quite similar with Wikipedia) is no longer available, even on preferences and even if we add suffix ?useskin=monobook on the URL.

Well it's kinda subjective but I'm also a user on Wikipedia and I find that Monobook is neat while Oasis (Wikia's default skin) is kinda compact and too crowded (?).

And because this wiki often contains 3-column table lyrics, I don't feel comfortable to view the articles, the tables are kinda narrow. Maybe that's one of the reason why there are many lyrics-removal vandalisms on this wiki? Idk.

Maybe it's just a matter of time. I need to get used to this situation.

[EDIT] Well, this tread is interesting to read.

[EDIT] I actually get a new message on my talk page but I didn't get any notification about it? WIKIA P L S E X P L A I N