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There are a lot of new original vocaloid songs written in japanese language, and some part of them are made by people who are not native speakers. But they just like japanese, and want to create a good song in this language.  So I wonder if the lyrics written by foreigners is good enough and if it is audible for japanese native speakers. In other words: how natural does it sound!?

My knowledge of japanese language is N4, or maybe a little better, because I took my exam 2 years ago and have learned something new last time. So It is not really easy for me to write lyrics, but I really love japanese language and enjoy writing songs in it. I should ask my teacher to correct mistakes everytime I write lyrics for new song. I think she is quite good in japanese but still not native speaker. 

I guess there are some japanese native speakers in this community and would be very happy if any of them could say few words about this issue and especially my lyrics written in japanese:) お願いします!