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(ノ◕ᴥ◕)ノ ︵ ǝɟᴉl ʎɯ

Request is open! (I might be slow though since I have songs that I want to do too and also rl stuff)

I'll do any song but please refrain from:

- Videos that are heavily epileptic (Something like a flash is okay as long as it's not continuous)

- Videos with a lot of very fast moving cameras (Just as above, a little bit and not continuous should be alright)

- Videos that features insects, if it's mentioned in the lyrics (Example is MARETU's "The Taste of Cockroach") and shown for a bit is alright, but if the MV features A LOT of bugs and for a long time it's a big nope (This is why "Bacterial Contamination" is forever my nightmare). Note : Butterflies and bees are an exception as long as they're not too detailed and not a close-up faces. 

- Videos that features clowns (Same as the rules for "insects" above, songs like "Karakuri Pierrot" is okay)

Please post your requests here!

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