Hello. I like translating Japanese Vocaloid songs to English. My favourite Vocaloid is Len, followed by Rin. There are lots of producers I like but my favourite are probably Kid, nimo@, Jumbo@Kazokuai-P, innisfree/snowy*, Hitoshizuku, HoneyWorks and SouthSoilHome.

I've been studying Japanese since high school. I also like reading Japanese manga, especially ポケットモンスターSPECIAL (Pokémon Special), and watching Japanese anime. If you need help with Japanese, feel free to ask (though I can't promise I'll always know the answer).

I publish my translations on my website, Len's Lyrics at lenslyrics.ml. I'm also on YouTube, Niconico, dA, Anime Lyrics and fanfiction.net. Recently I've been making English subs and PVs of Vocaloid songs. I've also started a blog, Len's Reflections.





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Hello. It's been a while! I have been very busy irl. I'm very sorry I'm typing here, but it's because I don't know how to use the talk section on this new interface of fandom I have on Mac. I switched from Windows. I just came to ask for a request though. May I?

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