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Song title
"Uncertain Monster"
Original Upload Date
K3nneth Kenn3th (music, lyrics)
100+ (YT), 200+ (SC)
YouTube Broadcast / SoundCloud Broadcast (deleted)

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

I don't know just what I am
Deep inside I couldn't really care
All the world just stops and stares
But they make me believe I'm really there

Take me through the hell I bare
Make me completely disappear
Wash me down from head to toe
and let the water overflow

Everything is turning gray
It's not like it could stay the same
All my days just turn to night
And all your dark is turning bright

I'll rip apart your true soul
Cause I don't need one of my own
Peel it off and stick it back
And all my heart will turn to black

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