Song title
"The Doll's Message"
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CommonStarling (music, lyrics, illust)
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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Days and weeks and months went by as I stayed on the shelf
Trapped inside a porcelain body with no way out

On his bicycle he rode, past the woods and past the town
Into a strange alleyway just a few blocks down
Sliding past an old dancehall, cutting through an old graveyard
In front of which stood, strangely, a whimsical toy shop

The lad parked his bicycle and wandered into the store
Checking out the merchandise, his eyes then grew real wide
Sitting on the highest shelf, a hand-painted music box
On top of which there was a green-haired doll dancer

The boy bought it and fled from the store
Held it carefully and left out the door

When the boy arrived home, he put the box down
and wound it up
The doll moved so gently
The way her dress spun took his breath away

Amazed by her gracefulness, the boy watched her all day long
Turned the wind-up key so much his hands got all blistered
Each and every day that year, he would make his dolly spin
Her almost-human movement captivated him

Then one day, he tried to wind it up
But the doll just wouldn't even budge

Again and again he tried to make her dance, but she stood still
This angered the boy, but then the doll opened her mouth and told him

Mother trapped me in this doll
My one way out is to be buried

Quite alarmed, and shocked, and scared
The boy threw the doll, smashing it
Scattering shards of porcelain
Never to be released from the curse

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