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Right beside a park bench
Underneath the moonlight
Stands a girl
The one who caught your eye
In just three months you came to know her
But this can't be deferred
And you know she just came one more time to say goodbye

Finally it hits you
No more will you see her silky hair
So carefully arrayed
And all the secretive emotions that she shows her closest friends
Are now a memory
And memories can fade

So you choke back your tears as you watch her elegant gait
And the wind that tugs on her scarf just makes your heart ache
Oh how you wish that you could touch her
You know you can't reach her
And through it all there is something that I wish I could say

Sympathy is something that's reserved for those moments
When your mind and your heart reach out to somebody else
Sharing joy and pain
Though it might seem strange
I cannot give you this kind of comforting
All I can do is sing
All I can do is sing

I know that you miss her
Wanted to endure her piercing gaze until your final day
But all the hours that you're spending staring at her photograph
Will only make you feel that she's further away

If you had one chance in a million to see her again
You would spend your final penny and disown your friends
Oh now you know that it can't happen
Yet you keep on dreaming
And chasing a perfection that will never come to be

Sympathy is something that's deserved by those suffering
When your world turns to ash and on the sunniest days
You're still in the rain
As it falls again I cannot help you with your recovering
All I can do is sing
All I can do is sing

Sympathy is something that I should be receiving
All the days I supported you and stayed by your side
Didn't draw you near
If a hundred years would come and go it wouldn't change a thing
All I can do is sing
All I can do is sing
All I can do is sing
All I can do is sing

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