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Song title
"Summer of '76"
Original Upload Date
MEIKO English
AwakenP (music, lyrics)
Niconico Broadcast

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Roads go on, climbing up cracked highway
A distant dream, I also wish today
then, now, "remembrance" stay me many times
but, The times goes on, and I forgot all thing.

The sound of waves are round and rounded
We know not to get that any more
I can't return to my day
oh, I knew, I know, and I'll know.

Summer of '76
that was eternally blue sky
we'd remember very correctly MEMORIES.
Summer of '76
We ain't right about anything.
Well, we'll begin to drive car which can go nowhere.

if someone judged it,
What that's would be summer which seems wrong.
Still that was irreplaceable.
I never said "Let's go to see coral."
but I can imagine that color clearly.
Insignificant words,
oh, you found, you find, and you'll find.

Summer of '76
that was eternally blue sea
we are never getting anywhere It's just the same.
Summer of '76
We ain't right about anything.
That isn't false surely, so write in a diary.

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