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Hatsune Miku
IWALOID (music, lyrics)
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I can still recall the smell, the sound, the feeling...
The cool breeze in late July
A sense of wonder lingered in the air
So heavy you could cut it, but who would dare?
It was the only thing we had to care for

So much time we spent without the world's direction
Responsibility can wait
Your house's wind chimes break the summer air
So gently to remind us that we were there
I thought we always would be

We were the
Time wasters of life
Not so useful, but we spent our moments free
No need for any urgency or

Plans for any night
Just keep living like our lives are here to stay
No thoughts of getting torn away
I can still recall the painful doctor visits
Sinister chill of waiting rooms
A sense of worry lingered in the air
I tried my best to cut it
No one would dare...
To take a life so early, oh so foolish

Did not think that this despair would ever hit us
Don't lose hope
There are so many different treatments left to try
Though they may, please don't say

You were a
Hopeless cause of life
Scream for god, who cares which one?
Cause I would take
Whichever one could keep you here with
Me for one more night
Drink the air while you still can 'cause pretty soon...
This cold will take your breath away

I don't mean to be so negative
I just want you to

Stay on earth a little longer
Sing me one more song
Hold my hand just one last time
Selfish, I know, but your sickness

Hurts me...
Kills me...
Rips my fucking heart out of my chest
Then holds it there still beating
Taunting me but I'm helpless to stop

What happens next is just too
Much for me to bear, but before I lose my mind
You take me by the hand and you whisper in my ear
Something I just can't forget

You say

"Take some time to just reflect upon your feelings...
Then leave your feelings behind you in the dust"
"Even when I'm gone, I will always be with you."
"No use in cryin' now."

We are the
Starbearers of life
Cling to moments that we shine, often brief
Your supernova sings to me on
Cloudless summer nights
Cooling breeze turns aching cold now that you're gone
This chill could shiver anyone

And those chimes outside your door...
Are still ringing in my ears

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