Song title
"Star Tower"
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Studio Warp (music, lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast


One night, I was sitting in a grass field
Then I came up with a melody
So I played it on my guitar

Then I suddenly saw all the stars coming towards me
It was clear to me that I wasn't doing the right thing
but I am here and surely existing
and this is why I had to run

I couldn't run fast enough from the stars coming towards me
I thought that I would give up but then I saw the strangest thing

The stars were gathering, then started to form a shape
It was like a big tower right in front of me
Yes, it was a building made of stars
As the door opened, I was afraid but decided to go in

And when I went in, this is what I heard

I want to help you
coming from faraway
nature and all the stars has helped me to get to you
I want to give you
protection from the nature
angels and clouds will give you advice from the future

Help the nature survive
save the earth, better be

That was all I heard
and then the tower disintegrated around me
and became the stars in the sky again

and this is why I sing this song
Go in the Star Tower..