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Hatsune Miku
Hatsu-P (music, lyrics)
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LyricsEdit soul...
I'm gone...I'm lost, no...
I know...You know...

Dead I'm laying on the ground
Heart's not beating, my disguise
Telling you it's alright
Never trust these selfish lies!

Come over, I hear your voice
Someone's smiling it's so gross
Carrying on the hardest fight
Will I live or will i die? soul...
No hope...I'm lost!, no...
We know...They know...

Tearing up all my insides
Never know when you will die
Live as much as you desire
Just don't try to be the liar

I'm a victim of my life
I don't know what time is now
Live with hope, you need it know
Still I'm asking why and why...!

I'm standing right next to you
I'm waiting for your move
My life
And I really lost them now...

I did cut so deep...
I never knew what's real
I wish I knew the future
and stopped being useless

I felt like being outside
Nobody would hear me cry
Outstanding from the people...
My heart's spitting needles

I vibrate constantly
Can't explain what I feel...
Alone...I will go on
Searching where I belong...

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