Song title
"Snowy Streetlights"
Original Upload Date
MEIKO, KAITO, MAIKA, Kagamine Len, and Kagamine Rin
ej music (music, lyrics, illust)
6+ (SC), 70+ (YT)
SoundCloud Broadcast (deleted) / YouTube Broadcast


streetlights spoke to her louder than anyone ever had
winter nights were her true love
windy silence loved her back
she took walks all by herself
lovestruck by the gleaming snow
streetlights on snowy nights mesmerized her
lonely dreaming in the darkness
getting colder, she slept
she felt lonelier as time passed
she dreamt she had no one
panicked, she awoke
the light of the morning shone
should she go back home?
she did not know what to do
snowflakes fell into her hands
she gazed at them, lonesome still
broken-voiced she whispered soft, asked them why she was alone
she wondered if shed ever not felt sad
she cried her heart out until she couldnt cry anymore

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