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Song title
"Snow Memories"
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Coordinated Souls:
AJ/Music (music)
Riten (lyrics)
KeitaG (mix)
VocalRoussBlack (illust)
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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Every night I step on the way
illuminated by the moon
I remember all the moments
When you and I danced under the snow

I won´t forget, I want to see
I’d like to keep all the laughs that we shared
This is how I feel now
Now the falling snow makes my time to stop

The snow stops in the air
alike to hope, to see you again

Why in my memories? you’ll stay in them forever
dancing with me, under the snow
and praying to God
that this song never reaches the ending

I froze, and when I feel like that
I want you here
hug me, again
because I don't want you to leave me again

The footsteps that were left by our dance
Were all erased by the snow
But that does not mean that I have
Forgot the steps that we performed

We spin along, we felt the chill
You kept me warm, and then you kissed my cheek
Why did you left my soul, spinning alone in this frozen park?

Spanish English
Solo una vez más quiero bailar, One more time I want to dance,
Solo una vez más quiero observar One more time I want to observe
como los copos de nieve, caen alrededor how the snowflakes, fall around
de los dos of the two

la luz de la luna, nos ilumina the moonlight, illuminates us
polvo de estrella que cae, en una dirección The stardust that falls, in one direction
formando un circulo a nuestro alrededor

sé que esta es la última pieza I know it's the last piece
esta será nuestra última canción this will be our final song
solo quiero que sepas que I just want you to know that
lo siento, no puedo bailar sin ti I'm sorry, I can't dance without you

My snow flake tears, the drop and fall so slowly
Let's hold our hands, and remember the steps of our dance
When we fell, we laughed and stood up again

My heart, it’s starting to ice up
You kept it warm
Hug me again
You’re the only one who knew how to do that

Our souls, they were one with the snow
And now they’re not
I am alone
But I still pray for you to come again

English translation by Angel

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