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Channelling love through the noise of sinful thoughts becomes a
Challenge with no guiding voice to pave the way, you say
This safe existence’s lacking in joy,
But as opposed to what? The world that
Just wants to play and break you like a toy?

Channelling love through the fear of being torn apart by
Crowds of your barbarian peers, the human filth around us
Wants to trample all that is dear
Under the guise of watchful reason
But no, of course, I’m being too austere

A thousand years ago it was a tepid autumn day
A lock has sealed this door,

But no more
Blinded by the sun,
You spin the barrel of a
Fully-loaded gun
“If there’s no winning
Might as well just have some fun”
I want to scream, when will you
Get it through your skull
That I will not
Let you drown
“The light is gone -
The thought keeps running through your mind,
But fearing life is easier than fighting, right?”
Oh please, just hide
Behind this back of mine and save your helpless spite
Knock on the door - access denied

Channelling love through the smoke and cheap substandard spirits
Laughing, you got off the hook, but you keep dancing in its
Shadow, now I overlooked your playing buddies with a monster
I fostered hope to reclaim what you took

And in a thousand years I’ll see a tepid autumn day
And only think about
Its grace, but

Blinded by the sun
You play roulette still with a
Fully-loaded gun -
A disappointing image
Always on the run
Oh I believed that you could
Change your ways somehow
But you just keep
Crashing down
“So are you done?”
Your quiet voice is filled with spite - ironic, right?
Why don’t you get out of my sight
“Oh, you’re too kind”
The day goes up in flames
You know, I really tried
Knock on the door - access denied

Everything will pass
The edge will dull -
I know what’s best for you, and after all
A day will come,
Warm and bright, when I
Tear down these dismal shelter walls

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