Song title
"Repress for Success"
Original Upload Date
Jul.2.2018 (album release date)
DEX and Megurine Luka
David Sprinkle (music, lyrics)
Marishelle Buchess (illust)
The Human (mix, mastering)
YouTube Broadcast


Repress for success

Success is the people you know
Success is your process and the way that you grow
Success is the face that you show
Success isn't who you are
It's who you can impress
Repress for success

Success can be so hard to find
Success is what happens when you make up your mind
Success can so quickly unwind
Success can be tough to hold
Living in excess
Repress for success

There is a woman of eighty-five
She still puts on her face
She isn't living she's just alive
And she'll pass without a trace

Success may be with you for good
Success may be with you when you're misunderstood
Success may be all that it should
But if you allow yourself
The wrong kind of caress
Act out or express yourself
And you will be suppressed
Repress for success

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