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"Parallel worlds"
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Japanese Romaji English
いつかこの夜が終わるなら itsuka kono yoru ga owaru nara If this night were to come to an end, eventually,
君の事も忘れずに生きて行けるかな kimi no koto mo wasurezu ni ikite yukeru kana I wonder if I’d be able to go on living without forgetting about you.
そんな気持ちとは裏腹に sonna kimochi to wa urahara ni And yet, contrary to what I wish,
世界は平等に 廻るのにな sekai wa byoudou ni mawaru noni na the earth still goes on spinning, favoring no one.
大切にしていた赤い靴も taisetsu ni shite ita akai kutsu mo Those red shoes I used to treasure—
どうして どうして 無くすのかな doushite doushite nakusu no kana why, just why do I have to lose them?
そんな些細な出来事がもう sonna sasaina dekigoto ga mou Even trivial things like that
心の隅で積もっていたんだ kokoro no sumi de tsumotte itan da end up accumulating in a corner of my heart.

お伽話のような結末でさえ otogibanashi no youna ketsumatsu de sae I’ve come to be frightened
怖くなっていた kowaku natte ita even of fairy tale-like endings.

ねぇ、もしも 今日に生まれたら nee, moshimo kyou ni umaretara Say, if I were to be born today,
私は、どんな名前をしていて watashi wa, donna namae o shite ite I wonder what my name would be?
もし君と出会えなくても moshi kimi to deaenakute mo And would I be able to be content
それでよかったと思えたのかな sore de yokatta to omoeta no kana even if I had never met you?
涙が溢れて止まらないんだ namida ga afurete tomaranain da My tears are spilling forth, I can’t stop them.

もしもこの夜が終わるなら moshimo kono yoru ga owaru nara If this night were to come to an end,
私は答えを 見つけているのかな watashi wa kotae o mitsukete iru no kana would I have found my answer by then?
今日は明日の出来事なのに kyou wa ashita no dekigoto na noni Even though it’s just tomorrow,
遠い未来に感じるんだ tooi mirai ni kanjirun da today, it feels like such a distant future to me.

もう一歩進んで行く、暗闇の中 mou ippo susunde yuku, kurayami no naka I’ll advance one more step in the darkness,
語りかけた声を、 katarikaketa koe o, following the voice that called out to me.

ねぇ、もしも 君と歌えたら nee, moshimo kimi to utaetara You know, if I were able to sing with you,
私は、それだけで嬉しくて watashi wa soredake de ureshikute that’s already enough to make me happy.
雨降る夜の中で ame furu yoru no naka de That’s why I’ve decided to move on with you, hand in hand,
ふたり手を取って 歩き出したんだ futari te o totte arukidashitan da on this rainy night,
それでよかったと 思えたから sore de yokatta to omoeta kara for I’ve come to the point where I’m content with that.

English Translation by Hazuki no Yume

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