Song title
"Now Everyday"
Original Upload Date
Fukase, IA ROCKS and flower
Caitlin (music, lyrics, illust)
SoundCloud Broadcast


Existentialism packed in pills
A reckless menagerie of human will
And one after another, the moral, too, will fall
Never recovered
She said, “Why not start a band?”

I’ll manipulate until the end
Cause as the saying goes money’s a boy’s best friend
And everybody wants it ‘til they meet their sudden end never to come back
Let’s create a new reality
The ends will justify the means
Hey, let’s suck em dry

Now everyday we spend laughing in the green we make
No mistake, catch a break
And rob them blind
A life of fun and sun and music
It’ll be alright (x2)

Now, everyday we are hiding in the black of night
Out of sight, poppin pills ‘til I feel alright
A life of fun and sun and music
It’ll be alright (x2)

Existentialism through the night
A reckless abandonment I’m losing sight of love and hope and emptiness
The feeling in my blood never recovered
He said, “Eat or be eaten”

When I look at you I see a new man
A harsh and cruel and different
A strikingly cool man
I wish I had your confidence but I guess something like that is a pipe dream
So I made a new reality
Please forgive me for the things I took for granted

Now, everyday he is making one more big mistake
And his bat takes a swing at the witness’ face
A miss is the end of this big plot
This is not alright
You are not alright

Seems that you’ve been changing
You aren’t the friend I used to have
We were close, we were young, won’t you please slow back
I know it's too late by now but I’m sure he can change
I know he can change

Crime of a so very absurd degree
Who could have done it the question plaguing me
Who and what and when and where and why
It fills my brain
Never recovered
I said, “Who’s this bastard think he is”

Now, everyday we are running from the law we broke
Doing well, go to hell, now get in your/the cell
Bang the gavel, go declare me guilty
Throw away the key (x2)

Now, everyday I hear that you are doing well with life
Little strife, much better without me, that’s right
Nine years behind bars cause he deserves it
You will be alright
Go ahead, dear, write

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