Song title
"Not Even Human"
Original Upload Date
Megurine Luka and CYBER SONGMAN
Chia-P (music, lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast


Look at me.
What do you see?
An empty shell...
Or someone else?

Another side no one can see...
A vital part that speaks to me...
Hiding in the darkness...
Lurks inner hatred!

Dear misery, come play with me!
Don't go away when I need you to stay!
Please be a friend when I forget...
I'm just your slave!
Trapped inside my walking grave...

My walking grave... Everything's okay!
As long as I know my place and stay.

Can't fall in love!
I don't deserve one!
I'm not even human...
So I can't have one.

Dear diary, that boy winked at me!
I know the rules... I'm not pretty or worthy.
Dear diary, he wouldn't leave!
I'm sure he knows I'm not human, I'm like a ghost.

He should think I'm gross and go away...
But he just wants to stay...

Huh!? Dear misery, that boy just kissed me!?
It makes no sense... I thought I was broken!
Dear future me, if "love" seems scary...
You can show love-- that means you can be human!

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