Song title
"Netflix and Chill"
Original Upload Date
Project Overdoze:
Steampianist (music)
Tsus (lyrics)
Shius (video, illust, translation)
27,000+ (YT), 300+ (NN)
YouTube Broadcast / Niconico Broadcast

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

It's so requited
It has me so excited
Cuddled under sheets of love we shared

And lights so dim it's hardly there
Through pure devotion
Pretend the floor is lava ocean
Hold my hand and breathe in sugar sweet
And syncopate our hearts and heat

Can you feel the time
Passing by what's yours and mine?
Wanting more and more of this cool thing
So cool I guess it's called

Netflix and chill
Can you believe it
Netflix and chill
We're running out of food!
How could you watch these movies without me?
How could you be so damn right rude?

Netflix and chill
I need a bathroom
Netflix and chill
What did I miss?
Let's just rewind to where I left off
Go back in time to where things weren't so rough

How bout tonight
Instead we turn down the lights?
You can come over to relax
And I'll treat you to a nice massage

Erase your fears and woes
Turn off the volume oh so loud
Oh wait did she get on a cloud?!

Can you feel our lives
Passing by what's yours and mine
Wanting more and more of this eternal binge
So cool I guess it's called

Netflix and chill
It's been 90 hours
Netflix and chill
We missed so many days of work!
Did you remember to feed the flowers?
Did you remember to take a shower?

Netflix and chill
Is this called living?
Netflix and chill
The show is done

Now that we've lost our lives to those seasons
How about we try to find the reason?
Or we could,
ya know,
Sit back for this show?
As it pulls us in
This eternal sin

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