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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

There was once a scientist who worked for the naughty King
healed this village with no fisth, just a kind and gentle wing
with his best friend by his side, who worked in the Dark Shadows
He became famous with pride, and no one dared to oppose

even though
there was one
he couldn't heal
now he's gone

There was once a scientist who was filled with guilt and Shame
he grieved his friend who he missed although he wasn't to blame
and he cried and cried for days, but he just couldn't let go
left his family in a haze worked until he became slow

no one saw it coming
he dug up the tgrave
though it was quite cunning
wonder why he caved?

There was once a scientist
who tore this village apart
staying inside they're all pissed
she watched as it broke their heart

There was once a scientist who
who practiced NECRO SCIENCE
and his friend was on that list
with no choice in compliance
he studied bloming flowers
she planted them all around
crafting with them for hours
he took them right from the ground

days and months they all passed by
as you'd say the time had flied
the family had asked why
they should known that he had lied

There was once a scientist
who had built a strange machine
he had someone to assist
she was just a simple teen

a science loving student
worked under the scientist
she had her time with him spent
what she found out was a twist

something bad is coming
and his heart is pumping

There was once a scientist
saved by his dear assistant
witnessed him make a monster
and she was quite resistant

she refused to let him die
so she simply took his place
watched and he could only cry
her soul gone without a trace

heard a crash his wife came down
then he watched her disappear
the monster looked with a frown
the scientist froze with fear

the monster stole his body
and took the lives of all three

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