Monster may refer to:

  • Monster, a song by Chiquewa featuring Megurine Luka.
  • Monster, a song by Jayn featuring GUMI.
  • Monster, a song by M -P featuring DAINA.
  • Monster, a song by N∆UTILUS featuring GUMI.
  • Monster, a song by PLAMA featuring Kagamine Len.
  • MONSTER, a song by PLANET BRIAN featuring GUMI and CYBER SONGMAN.
  • monster, a song by Pumpkin Head featuring Hatsune Miku.
  • MONSTER, a song by Team.FOIS featuring SeeU.
  • MONSTER, a song by tora ouji featuring Megurine Luka, Utatane Piko, and Pinku.
  • MONSTER, a song by YusukeKira featuring GUMI.
  • Monster Universe, a song by Pinocchio-P featuring Hatsune Miku.
  • MONSTERS IN ME, a song by pinoyvocaloid featuring GUMI.