MIKU-Pack 07 Song Collection "Rain Drops" is a compilation album. It was released under the label(s) ASCII Media Works, ASCII MW, ASCII・Media Works. More information can be found on Vocaloid Database.

MIKU-Pack 07 Song Collection Rain Drops .jpg
Track list
  1. 雨音~あまね~ (Amane)
    Junky ft. Kagamine Rin
  2. スプリンクル (Sprinkle)
    Live-P ft. Kagamine Rin
  3. 東京五月病 (Tokyo Satsuki Yamai)
    TOKOTOKO ft. Kagamine Rin
  4. 灰ノ詩 (Hai no Uta)
    nyanyannya ft. Kagamine Rin
  5. 雨乞い唄 (Amagoi Uta)
    Hitoshizuku-P x Yama△ ft. Kagamine Rin

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