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"Love's End"
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VocaArgent (music, lyrics)
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The last kiss I gave you left a bitter taste inside my mouth,
As if I stole it from you like you stole it the first time.

The last kiss I stole from you left a bitter feeling inside my heart,
As if it wasn't something mutual like it always should be.

And it seems our love ended as just as illusion,
And it seems your feelings for me ended so much sooner,
And it seemed we were just postponing the inevitable,
And it seems I was just a fool for believing in you.

And every hope I had is now gone, is now gone.
Every hope I had in you.

And there is no more time for us, for us.
Our rings are detached again,
Like they always should have been.

Ah a ah.

You hurt me inside,
Don't wanna see you again,
It isn't hard to turn love into hatred.

You hurt me, I'm wounded.
I'll be the one to suffer.
Meanwhile, passion turns to loathing.

And I don't wanna see you again.

Ah a ah.

No, I don't wanna see you again.

Ah a ah a ah.

A a ah.

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