Song title
"Lorem Ipsum"
Original Upload Date
Joshua Lie (music, lyrics)
Bakeneko (guitar)
BuckP, Party-P (lead synth, layer extension)
30+ (SC), 200+ (YT)
SoundCloud Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


how many times i am going to stay
doing the same exact thing again
i gave up a few things
trying to chase after dreams
i do admit it never makes sense what i said
and with all the offenses i've made
it's unbelievable to even see my very start

a journey of thousand steps was started
by a sincere simple willingful first few steps
i took the path the one path less travelled
and it made all the differences of my struggles

and i have learned so many things
and i've settled my wrongdoings
and even though all that happened seemed so strange
still don't tell me nothing has changed

with all the immaturity and the bullshit that i've seen,
why am i still here?
i mean, lot's of prospects outside vocaloid can improve your music
so why haven't i quit yet?
well who needs to quit when you have friends like these?

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