Song title
"Little Vertumnus"
Original Upload Date
kiropao (music, lyrics, illust)
Pexel and StoryBlocks (photographs)
300+ (YT), 10+ (SC)
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Someday, I want to travel so far away
To not a castle, nor to a dragon’s cave
With some pens and papers in my rucksack
To a place where seasons change

Someday, I want to pack up and leave
To not a rabbit hole, nor beneath the sea
With some pens and papers on my getaway
I’ll enjoy the skies and what they bring

Show me the trees that in spring will blossom
Maybe frisbee-chasing dogs in sunny days
How ‘bout the purple maple leaves of autumn
Or December’s pelt of snow and shrouding haze

Someday, I want to walk along the road
Nowhere near the tropics, not way back at home
With some pens and papers in my backpack
Far away, where I’ll go, they’ll never know

Show me the everfalling snow that comes when I cry
Maybe café au lait colors of my sadness
Serotinal beams of light without any parasol
Or the hibernating animals in bliss

Show me the black and white and orange of the snowmen
Maybe brilliant ochre browns of lovely fall
How ‘bout the warmly pouring showers of the summer
Or the lightning bugs at spring as the night sky calls

Show me the pretty pastel colors of the lencten
Maybe glistening crystal waters by next June
How ‘bout the plumped up orange pumpkins in October
Or the lonely Arctic fox whom’s leaving soon

I dream at home, on a lazy afternoon

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