Song title
"Lingering Memory"
Japanese: 残っている記憶
Romaji: Nokotte iru Kioku
Original Upload Date
Lystrialle (music, lyrics)
Oxy (illust)
1,500+ (YT), 700+ (NN), 100+ (SC)
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suddenly lost memories
vividly flowing back to us

ebi'to sanlaki afoelál those days of the past we loved
senate iye yafit ni ita we thought nothing of them
yórei lnáretana suratana but they were slashed and poisoned
loya ni seltoá moyathi when we weren't looking

vet'úyakithi mlál nmlate drowning in my memories
oiyari etel akot'áreto I desperately reached out for them
yórei ap'énvetoa seni itoe but all that was left
anoikithi koro'eki were the cuts on my hands

nutevi yuveto I turned around

(no longer here
and far away
what once was here)

yu ebi'to seni niyunatoe and what I loved had disappeared

kulitona vet'úyalán kat'órete chasing memories that were left behind
avit'otatiá sowae mierete I'll wander til I find it
knrithi suvarikilán nanate retracing steps in circles
m ebi'te nlvelato yumi is ite where are you whom I love and have lost?

havaha mórato meiyotán mafínte wanting the happiness I had before
m vuvi knvathi akot'ulto I grasped at the empty air
utlare avi m suvente seni what I want right now
etni mórato senithi ite is the same as what I once had

we fell to pieces from the doubts inside our heads
until the cherished feelings crumbled all away
and it'll never change the fact that everything is gone

those memories
we came to love
what can we do
before the end
but now we sit alone with our fear

alara yafide alara vamende even if I cry, even if I scream
iye ebimi ni kait'ntiá that love will never return
(blissful days I thought would be there) (blissful days I thought would be there)
uva mthi ni ite nat'iraleki those feelinsg that aren't behind me
uvara mthi sankime ap'énvete are only up ahead
(I always smiled on blindly up until the end) (I always smiled on blindly up until the end)

ak'yúto maiye afoénithi yafit nothing from the shattered past
soai mlál oyari ni ap'énvete remains in front of me anymore
(things that don't exist at this time) (things that don't exist at this time)
vi rei meiyot ide rei ebimi ide yet if hapiness is there, if love is there
m yaneretiá tnyuwáti iyelán I will continue to pursue it
(are only found in places that we've never seen before) (are only found in places that we've never seen before)

ebi'te isithi leirathi mián'etiá you whom I love, let's meet in the future

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