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LAM (RAM) is an illustrator from Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, and often works together with Kanaria. He is the illustrator of Synthesizer V voicebank AiKO and VoiSona voicebank MYK-IV.

LAM is known for his eye-catching and vibrant use of color in his artwork. He is involved in various creative endeavors, including illustrating songs for Vocaloid producers, designing CD album covers, and taking on the design of numerous Vtuber characters. After graduating from Tama Art University, LAM worked at the game company ATLUS. In 2018, he embarked on a freelance career as an illustrator.

Some of his notable works include illustrations for "Gimme×Gimme", "Envy Baby" and "Identity".

He was born on November 22nd.


Links Title Vocalists Date Roles
"Chou Biorhythm" (超バイオリズム) Hatsune Miku Apr 6, 2023 illustration
"Curio City" (キュリオ・シティ) Hatsune Miku Mar 19, 2021 illustration
"Dec." GUMI Apr 26, 2024 illustration
"Demon Lord" (デーモンロード) Hatsune Miku Jul 7, 2023 illustration
"Envy Baby" (エンヴィーベイビー)
GUMI Feb 13, 2021 illustration
"EYE" GUMI Jul 25, 2021 illustration
"Gimme×Gimme" Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin Aug 28, 2019 illustration
"Ginsetsu no Koi" (銀雪の恋)
(Silver Snow Love)
Hatsune Miku Aug 10, 2018 album illustration
"Hello,world!" Hatsune Miku and Leo/need Oct 13, 2021 illustration
"Identity" (アイデンティティ) Hatsune Miku and GUMI Jan 9, 2022 illustration
"Majinai Bass" (まじないベエス)
(Cursed Bass)
Hatsune Miku Dec 28, 2018 illustration
"March" (マーチ) Hatsune Miku Aug 10, 2018 album illustration
"Meme Meme Meme" (ミームミームミーム) Hatsune Miku Nov 7, 2018 illustration
"MIRA" Koharu Rikka Mar 12, 2021 illustration
"Nihon no Bunka Manabi ma SHOW!" (日本の文化まなびまSHOW!)
(Let's study Japanese culture SHOW!)
Hatsune Miku and GUMI Jun 20, 2019 illust
"Paranoia" (パラノイヤ) Kagamine Rin Jul 25, 2017 illustration
"QUEEN" GUMI Aug 6, 2022 illustration
"Requiem" (レクイエム) Hatsune Miku Apr 22, 2023 illustration
"Senshoku" (染色) Hatsune Miku Aug 10, 2018 album illustration
"Tensai Rock" (天才ロック) Kagamine Rin Nov 4, 2017 illustration
"Vivid Vivid Bullet" (ビビッド・ビビッド・バレット) Kagamine Rin Jun 19, 2020 illustration
"Yoidore Shirazu" (酔いどれ知らず) GUMI May 2, 2022 illustration