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LuvP (music, lyrics, illust)
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Just a warning, it's so funny
How I think you're my own plaything
It's still pure and you're still crying
No one hears you can't stop screaming
That's cause no one gets in my way!

Please I beg you, stop your screaming
I can't think straight when you're fighting
You think I care? My world's unfair
I'll still love you, you'll still love me
Because no one gets in my way!

L0VE is such a painful curse
That no one can even escape
Although that's what everyone says
I've fallen down and I can't even think!

You've left me be, can't stop crying
I still miss you, come back to me...
Then I see you, then you see me
I see her there, why is she there?
Although no one should get in between me and you!

L0VE is such a painful life
That still cannot explain my strife
Although love kills and wounds can't heal
Your love with me allows me to still breathe!

Can I escape? This false love's fake.
Can you hear me? Just leave me be!
Can I escape? Our love's so fake.
Can you hear me? Just leave me be!

L0VE is such a painful thing
That nobody can even scream
If only you and I could be a "normal love."
What the hell do you mean?!

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