Walkin Through A Hurricane
Song title
"If I Could Go Back (And Do It All Over Again)"
Original Upload Date
Steven Wagenheim (music, lyrics)
SoundCloud Broadcast


It was nineteen eighty four when I made a commitment to you
I swore to my God that the love that I had was true
But I soon came to realize that I didn't have a clue
And it was too late for the mistakes to undo to undo

I didn't understand all the things that I had in my head
It all went so wrong and I killed what we had instead
And I soon came to realize that I screwed it all up
That you would be gone cause you had enough had enough

If I could go back and do it all over again
I wouldn't be the guy that I was back then
I'd be gentle and kind until you would find
The love that can grow between friends
If I could go back and do it all over again

All the money in the world couldn't change what I had done
The love that I had was second to none
But I threw it all away for a roll in the hay
And a moment's drop of fun drop of fun

The heartache and the pain they would follow for sure
I knew in the end you couldn't take it any more
And I would have to leave because you wouldn't believe
That's when I realized the final score

I knew in the end I could only blame myself
There just couldn't be anyone else
And the prison that I'd made would be the price that I paid
And my heart would be displayed up on that shelf

And here I am trying to turn back time
If I had a Tardis that could be mine
Then everything would be just fine