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SavageSoup (music, lyrics, illust)
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Everywhere I go
takes me nowhere.
I want to know
who I am

Yet I still wander
to every corner.
When will I find my
lost identity?

Taken away
I've been put to display
Shackles have held me in
hot iron grip
and my
memories are blurry
and they're thrown away
I can't recall who cause
faces never stay

memories are blurry
nothing I can do
I'm on my own now
finally free from you.

one, two
where do I go from here
I don't know
three, four
I can't seem to
find my name

my own grave will be kept unknown
yet I'm still
searching through
and the shadows

Everywhere I go
takes me nowhere.
I want to be
who I was.

Anything I do
to fix my problem
Loose ends grow tangled from
your tyranny

I walk away
only feeling decay
kicking the dust
as I stave off dismay

Maybe you could say
things will never stay
It's all in the past
"Forever" won't last.

Maybe you could say
faces never stay.
It's all in the past
yet I'm here to stay...

Everywhere I go
takes me nowhere.
I need to know
who I really am.

Yet I still wander
forgotten corners
maybe this is
what I am meant to be.

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