Song title
"I Want To Meet You Again"
Original Upload Date
AhmadS, IrfanR Rinoarashi-P (music, lyrics, arrangement)
30+ (SC), 200+ (YT)
SoundCloud Broadcast (deleted) / YouTube Broadcast

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Before this love dissolved, i want to meet you

Ooh, I'm standing on this white sand near the blue sea
Looking far away to the gorgeous blue sky
Where the clouds overlaps, covers the sun
I can hear the melody of sound from the sea

i without yourself like the beach without sands
There are moments when i could remember the time together
you without myself like the sea without water
There will be the hours when i very want to say "i miss you"

I could say very want to meet you

I cannot sleep at night
Cause i always think you
I need somebody who
Always be in my side


Just like how the night turns into day
This feeling always be never ending
My biggest fear is to be far away from you
Day after day my life is stuck in loneliness

How much I miss you, i think you will never know
I'm tired to meet you meet again and again in my dreams
Come back to me, oh please i need you
Don't leave me alone, cause i know you miss me too

I cannot sleep at night again
Because i always think for you
I need somebody who always be my side
And that exactly would be you

"I never leave you"
You said it like you promise me
I do not like to wait, i need you
I'd like to back when we were together

Do you remember?
We met for first time, at the place i stand
I always believe you
That you always be my side

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