Hoping for a return
Song title
"Hoping for a Return"
Original Upload Date
DAINA, Megurine Luka, MAIKA and Kagamine Rin
Caprice (music, lyrics, illust, video)
YouTube Broadcast


Singer Daina Luka Maika Rin
Color Rosy Brown Hot Pink Grey Dark Orange

Once upon a time, I was with my friends

When I found out one of them was leaving us

I was sad to see you go

But I know there are more adventures out there

We’ll still miss you

I bid you adieu

I’m excited now that I’ll get to see somebody brand new

Now, it’s time to start the show

And, you know, I shall whisper in her ear

She will hear me

Contact has been established

Now, we will get to see what she needs to say

Then, we can tell her what she can do

To solve THIS problem here!

I’m worried for you!

The psychologist says that something is very wrong with you!

In the end, you’ll be just fine

Once we get started with your medications

They should help you!

I swear that I’m fine

They’re talking to me, and they proved it with someone to talk to!

You’re just wasting all your time!

So, you see, it is useless what you’re doing!

Now, goodbye!

Rachel, I'm your mother!

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