Hidden JinseiP
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Megurine Luka
JinseiP (music, lyrics)
Niconico Broadcast


Hide the faith into behind the clouds
Hide the faith into the shady sight
Closing your eyes blindly not to understand
Closing your eyes fearfully not to be shunned

I'm watching my floating body in the air

Hide the truth into the deep sea
Hide the truth into the deep dark
Shutting your ears not to understand
Shutting your heart painfully not to be sensed

I'm watching my sinking body in the water

Just watching you're gonna lose and leave me
Fade away
Hiding even the slight light

Compelled to believe the future is grim
Then you're so much depressed
Eroded with blazing fury
You're like a child
Frigten at invisible shadows
But you're shedding tears
And you try to beat fears
Look, it's your nature

Keep secret

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