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"Heal Me"
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Piano ver: Feb.3.2018
Macne Nana
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Haluo (mix)
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Bibi (piano ver. tuning)
Omutatsu (illust)
Nontan (special thanks)
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Japanese Romaji English
キミの足音一つ kimi no ashioto hitotsu A single footstep of yours
水槽の中 おっこちて suisou no naka okkochite dropped into the water tank.
溺れちゃう oborechau Ever so gently, it caressed my eyelids
瞼を優しく mabuta o yasashiku when they were on
なでてくれた nadete kureta the verge of drowning.

キミの電波一つ kimi no denpa hitotsu A single wave from you
宇宙の隅おっこちて uchuu no sumi okkochite dropped into some corner of the universe.
溢れちゃう afurechau Ever so slowly, it helped close up my wrists
手首をゆっくり tekubi o yukkuri when they were on
塞いでくれたの fusaide kureta no the verge of overflowing.

ほんじつのしゅくだい honjitsu no shukudai My assignment today
キミをぼくのそばに kimi o boku no soba ni is to have you by my side.
いとがほつれたら ito ga hotsuretara If the thread were to unravel,
すぐに 縫い付けないと sugu ni nui tsukenai to I’ve got to sew it back right away.
ないない しないと nai nai shinai to Right right right away.

ほんじつのゆめは honjitsu no yume wa My dream today
ぼくをキミのそばに boku o kimi no soba ni is to stay by your side,
髪をそっと撫でて kami o sotto nadete and you’d softly stroke my hair
息と息が交わるの iki to iki ga majiwaru no while our breaths mingle.
おやすみしないと oyasumi shinai to It’s time to say good night.

ぼくの傷跡一つ boku no kizuato hitotsu A single of my scars
ワタアメのように溶けて wataame no you ni tokete melted away like cotton candy.
忘れちゃう wasurechau I licked your tears away
涙をぺろり namida o perori when you were on the verge
食べてあげたの tabete ageta no of forgetting about them.

ぼくの信号一つ boku no shingou hitotsu A single signal from me
宝石のように閉じて houseki no you ni tojite closed off like a jewel.
壊れちゃう kowarechau Very gently, I blew away
汚れをぽろり yogore o porori the dirt that was on the verge
吐いてあげたの haite ageta no of breaking you.

会えない アナタに aenai anata ni The truth is,
本当は いつまでも回り続けていたい hontou wa itsumademo mawari tsuzukete itai I wish I could keep revolving around you forever,
触れて ワタシを furete watashi o for I don’t get to see you.
なにもかも 全て 飲み込んで欲しいよ nanimokamo subete nomikonde hoshii yo I want you to touch me and consume my everything.

ほんじつのいきがい honjitsu no ikigai My life purpose today
ぼくはキミのそばに boku wa kimi no soba ni is to stay by your side.
糸がほつれても ito ga hotsurete mo Even if the thread were to unravel,
ずっと 繋いでてね zutto tsunaidete ne please keep me forever tied to you
バイバイ しないで baibai shinaide and don’t ever say goodbye.

ほんじつのゆめは honjitsu no yume wa My dream today
ぼくをキミのそばに boku o kimi no soba ni is to have me by your side
肌にそっと触れて hada ni sotto furete and you’d gently touch my skin
声と声が交わるの koe to koe ga majiwaru no while our voices mingle.
おはよう しないと ohayou shinai to It’s time to say good morning.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume


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  • Heal Me
  • 春の魔法 - Magic of Youth - (Haru no Mahou - Magic of Youth -)

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