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Yuzuki Yukari
ParuneP (music, lyrics)
ずぎゅ (illust)
3,400+ (NN), 1,500+ (YT)
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Hazuki no Yume has requested past usages of her translations to be removed. We would normally respect the author's wishes to remove their work. However, given the circumstances under which the request was made, the fact that she previously gave us explicit permission to use her translations (see also Good faith), and the best interest of the fandom, we have decided against removing the translations and only replacing those where another translation of sufficient quality is available. If you have found such a translation, please replace this one or leave a comment with a link to that translation so another editor can replace it.

Japanese Romaji English
一日の食事が、乾いたパン一枚、 ichinichi no shokuji ga, kawaita pan ichimai, Even if our food for the day consists of nothing
水の様に薄いスープそれだけだとしても mizu no you ni usui suupu sore dake da to shite mo but a dry piece of bread and some bland, watery soup,
あなたと暮らせること、それだけでよかった… anata to kuraseru koto, sore dake de yokatta… I was happy just to be able to live with you…
それが私の小さな幸せだった sore ga watashi no chiisana shiawase datta That was my tiny little happiness.

幼馴染で育ったあなたの妻になる事、 osananajimi de sodatta anata no tsuma ni naru koto, As we grew up as childhood friends,
それが私の小さな小さな夢だった sore ga watashi no chiisana chiisana yume datta it was my tiny little dream to become your wife someday.
それが叶った時、誓ったの、あなたの事を、 sore ga kanatta toki, chikatta no, anata no koto o, When that came true, I vowed
支え続けようって sasae tsuzukeyou tte to always support you.

愛してる、愛してる、あなたの事をそう aishiteru, aishiteru, anata no koto o sou I love you, love you, indeed
誰よりも、誰よりも、あなたを愛してる dare yori mo, dare yori mo, anata o aishiteru I love you more than anyone, more than anyone.
たとえどんなに貧しくても構わなかった tatoe donna ni mazushikute mo kamawanakatta It didn’t matter to me, no matter how poor we are.
あなたがそばにいる事それが一番の願い anata ga soba ni iru koto sore ga ichiban no negai All I wish is for you to be by my side.

ある朝あなた私に、とても嬉しそうに、 aru asa anata watashi ni, totemo ureshisou ni, One morning, you told me with an extremely happy look on your face
王宮に雇われる事が決まったって oukyuu ni yatowareru koto ga kimatta tte that you’ve been hired to work in the palace.
それを聞いた時ふと、よぎったの悪い予感が、 sore o kiita toki futo, yogitta no warui yokan ga, Upon hearing that, I suddenly had a bad premonition,
予感振り払いながら笑顔で見送った yokan furiharainagara egao de miokutta but I tried to wave it away and saw you off with a smile.

その晩帰ってきたあなたは嬉しそうに、 sono ban kaette kita anata wa ureshisou ni, When you came back that night, you seemed very happy
仕事を褒められたと話したその中に、 shigoto o homerareta to hanashita sono naka ni, as you told me about how you were praised for your work.
混じる王女への憧れ私を見る目が majiru oujo e no akogare watashi o miru me ga There were hints of your admiration for the princess, and the way you looked at me
どこか変わってた dokoka kawatteta had changed somehow.

どうしたの?どうしたの?そんな汚いモノを doushita no? doushita no? sonna kitanai mono o What’s wrong? What has happened? Please don’t look at me
見るような、見るような、目で私を見ないでよ miru you na, miru you na, me de watashi o minai de yo as if you’re looking at something dirty.
どうしてよ、どうしてよ、私に触れないの? doushite yo, doushite yo, watashi ni furenai no? Why? Tell me, why can’t you bring yourself to touch me?
あなたが悪いんじゃない、奪った王女が悪いのね anata ga waruin janai, ubatta oujo ga warui no ne It’s not your fault. It was the princess who stole you from me who is to blame.

踊りましょう踊りましょう王女を見つめる odorimashou odorimashou oujo o mitsumeru Let us dance, let us dance. Within the admiring eyes gazing at the princess
憧れの眼差しの中に潜んだ悪意の目 akogare no manazashi no naka ni hisonda akui no me lies hidden a sense of malice.
私の心に宿った悪魔の種がささやくの、 watashi no kokoro ni yadotta akuma no tane ga sasayaku no, The seed of the devil dwelling inside my heart is whispering to me
あなたの心を奪った悪の王女に制裁を… anata no kokoro o ubatta aku no oujo ni seisai o… to deliver punishment to that evil princess who has stolen your heart…

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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