Song title
"End Boss Mania"
Original Upload Date
IrisFlower (music, lyrics)


So, you've made it through
I've been expecting you
And I can see you seem to think you're ready


Ignorance is bliss...
But let me ask you this
Just how do you expect to win
A fight that's already been lost to you?

Oh~The story ends here
This "game" is over
Struggle all you like
It's all the same cause
Everything you've worked for
Everything you think you know
Means nothing to me

You've made a grave mistake
It's too bad...

I'll give you a hint
There's no way you can win
Cause I won't be restrained by all those
Dumb rules anymore

You should've quit back when
You were given the chance
Now just like all before you
I will show no mercy
And there will be
No one left
Who can keep me from-

Oh~Just try and stop me!
I know you want to
And in turn I will enjoy it when I
Tear away all that's held dear by you
I see you truly believe
"It's just a game," yet,
Death creeps closer still
A fitting end when
Everything they told you
Everything you thought was real?
Is all distorted!

"Playtime" has just begun

[Never beat me, Never win
They thought they had me locked within
The joke's on them
Let's play the game
Your blood will be on all their hands, whoa]

Oh~You've reached "Game Over"
There's no "Restart"
No cheat codes for escape
The sweet embrace of death
Is all you get as a reward

You had your chance to run
And let it go
But know I
Won't let you go
It's all mine...

Your world is
Everything I've worked for
Everything I'll make my own
It belongs to me!
Oh~It all belongs to me!

Game Over :)

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