Song title
"Emotional Misconduct"
Original Upload Date
Tempest Ōkaminoto (music, lyrics)
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You can't determine what is going on inside of my heart
Why can't you see that I would like to have a new start
I don't want it to be like this anymore
What I would like now would be to go away and slam the door,
Hiding away from reality...

Still I cannot control my emotions,
Will I ever get there? Or...
Will I still impulsively behave,
Will I bring more regrets to my grave?

I just want this day to end now,
You still have not noticed the secret,
But I don't know how...

I can't take this any longer,
It haunts me every day and
I want it to end now...

Still having the impulse to
Cry myself to sleep every night
And though that doesn't happen I still feel that
I won't see the light...

Watching time fly by,
Need to say goodbye,
I can't tell you why-

Still you cannot see what I'm feeling,
Will you ever get there? or...
Will I still be misunderstood,
Will you not see that
My intents are good...?

Why can this not just end right now?
I can't show you what is in my mind,
And I can't say why...

This still pains me consistently,
I cannot think straight any more,
I need to not cry...

Finally, it doesn't matter now.
I am calm, collected
And in control.
I don't even need you now...

Whoever would've thought that
As little as a single sentence
Could hurt me enough...
To make it all go away...

If you could be so kind, as to leave please.
I don't want to see you
Any more
So, goodbye.

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